What is Olona.de?

Olona.de is an emergent and ever evolving House of Patterns.

Olona.de is a manifestation of Spirit, Will, and Desire.

Ọlọ́nàdé seeks to design and pattern the next Afrikan heh/hehut or millenia. 

Ọlọ́nàdé is a digital textile artist focused on weaving the warped and weft pasts and present into fine future fabrics – DigiTex.

Upon adornment with DigiTex, others cut from the same cloth will close their seams and continue to Do For Self. His notions have been understood, underwritten, and underscored by the Divine Cosign.

DigiTex is when LiteWork self-organizes and patterns itself after the distant universal echoes that return as reflections on the contemporary African Wax print ߊߝߋ߯ߝߋߘߍ, or aesthetic.

Yes, I want to work with Olona.de!