JP006 is All about Composting!

Jìgìjìgì EP 006 – Compost

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A small step into the history of composts, why you should, why you shouldn't, how it could work, and how it couldn't. This episode is the real beginning of our philosophical journey :] visit https://olona.de/jp006 for all the show notes!
JP005 rises like my pepper seedlings!

Jìgìjìgì EP 005 – Philosophical Background

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We lay out our background and foundational positions we occupy as we cultivate the soil. Some of this episode is prepared and some of it is divined. Be sure to visit https://olona.de/jp005 for all the details :]
JP004 Is all about controlling Fungus Gnats!

Jìgìjìgì EP004 – Fungus Gnats

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We sat down to eat a chickpea burger. We left having controlled the fungus gnat population! Visit https://olona.de/jp004 for more info :]
JP002 are our favorite Ag resources, shared with you!

Jìgìjìgì EP002 – Resources

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This episode provides resources that we have found useful to our understanding of plants, soils, and agriculture. Visit https://olona.de/jp002/ for the full list :)