Family Pattern Project

Creating a family pattern or a “coat of arms” through digital visualization of a conversation about what your family is, and what you want your family to become.

This pattern can then be used to adorn yourselves, home, and lifestyle.


The Family Pattern Project is a new way for families to represent themselves through design. In the more recent past, heraldic achievement and nobility were the ways for families to have their legacy patterned into coat of arms. Indigenous peoples worldwide have long represented their families, clans, tribes through natural and animal symbols holding deep spiritual significance. To achieve similar ends today, we have a conversation.

After a discussion of your family’s achievements and aspirations, the audio will be visualized through our LiteWork video process. From here we synthesize these descriptions and iteratively design these frames into two patterns, one for each partner, joined into one beautiful, complementary embrace. As you look upon the pattern you will be reminded of the values you live for, filled with pride and courage to pursue your excellency.

One of our inspirations for this project stem from growing up with a deep admiration for the Maryland flag. Did you know that today the flag symbolizes the unification of the citizenry after the Civil War? That originally the flag paid homage to the two sides of the Calvert family who founded Maryland? Another, deeper inspiration comes from Kente cloth. Wrapped in Pride details many motifs that eventually became woven into the larger concept of Kente. Some of these motifs were the result of a deep breath that a beautiful woman inspires, era-defining events, or from the symbolic imagery of a dawning political party. We’ve found that a common thread in all of this imagery is a conversation. A conversation between imagination and the dream state, dreamer and weaver, weaver and loom. Let’s have a conversation.


You are ready to create your Family Pattern. Let’s detail how we proceed:



We select a date and time to schedule our conversation



We meet and have the conversation that will be the seed for your Family Pattern



We will germinate the seed for your Family Pattern using our LiteWork process.
Your audio will modulate video feedback producing the “seedling” for the next step.



Through iterative design, your Family Pattern will blossom, and fruit from the “cultivated seedling”



The best fruits are cultivated for a second generation, producing



We meet again and present several possibilities for your Family Pattern.



The final selection is made for your Family Pattern.
Your Family Pattern will be delivered in a variety of file formats with recommendations for how to utilize your Divine Design.

The Conversation

The conversation that we have with you in Step 2 Harmonize revolves around questions. These questions are designed to be thought-provoking. One of our clients stated during question #7 that “This is fun, this is like brain pushups!”

We purposely withhold the questions until Step 2 despite how much we want to share them with you, because we don’t want to give you time to prepare. Our clientele generally caters to the analytical, and has a tendency to overthink. We will have plenty of time to answer the questions, and just like with multiple choice questions, your first answer is usually the best!

Is the Family Pattern Project right for you?

Let’s find out together. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns!