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The Family Pattern Project

With just your voice, we create your own kilt, kente, or coat of arms!

Sound that Surrounds

Malcolm and Mari pose with the twins and Stokley

Your Family Pattern can be printed, woven, upholstered, and adorned in and outside of your home.

How does it work?

“Wow! This is fun! This is like brain push-ups!”

-Brandon S.

The Family Pattern Project involves an intimate conversation about what makes your family yours.

The questions we ask are thought-provoking, lighthearted, and are engineered for deep reflection.

You answers are transformed by LiteWork into vibrations and color that are the basis for your Family Pattern.

Question examples below!

If Trust were an animal, how would it move?

Steady and predicable, like a tortoise?

Unwavering and certain, like an elephant?

Or would you know it by how it moves, like an octopus?

Align the movement of an animal with your understanding of Trust

“We just want other people to experience this ”

-Malcolm A.

The Andrews Family entrusted us to help them visualize the legacy of their family as they celebrate the life of Stokely, pictured in the center. Their smiles, and warmth in the picture show us how to move through tragedy. This was a breathtaking honor!

What does my family tree look like?

“I have been asked all of my life about my ethnicity. I haven’t been comfortable wearing African fabrics, or fabrics from the Caribbean, but with this, this is us!”

Adrienne S.

Twins swaddled in their family pattern
L-Traditional Fulani blanket, R-Our k-mt Blanket
Comparative History, the mdw ntr and
T-mdw ntr (hieroglyphs), B-Our Patterns

Some of our clients have traced their ancestry through genetic testing services. Now that they have found their family roots, they have more questions.

How do I show up in the world in this new light?
How can I pay homage to my heritage?
What does my family tree look like?

We are well versed in textile traditions the world over and are prepared to design towards specific ethnic styles.

Our 7 Step Process



We schedule a time to have our conversation



We meet and have the conversation that will be the seed for your Family Pattern



We germinate the seed using our LiteWork Visualizer, and
your feelings, tone, and expressed thought grow your Family Pattern.



Through iterative design, your Family Pattern will blossom, and fruit!



Repeating step 4, the best fruits are cultivated again several for generations.



We meet again and present several possibilities for your Family Pattern.



Your Family Pattern is delivered along with your selected options.

Read our Reflections and Testimonials!

Reflections on The Olonade Family Pattern

Eléwà requested that after we moved into our house that we attend something like couples counseling so that we could get our bearings straight now that we are homeowners. I responded, “That’s exactly what The Family Pattern Project is for!”

The Family Pattern Project Cover

The Family Pattern Project – Option 1

$250. 00

The Family Pattern Project Cover

The Family Pattern Project – Option 2

$500. 00

The Family Pattern Project Cover

The Family Pattern Project – Option 3

$750. 00