Green Thumbin’

Jìgìjìgì EP013 – Mandela

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Mandela and I spent the last season growing food and brotherhood. We discuss his background and why he thinks the healthiest soils are black.

Jìgìjìgì EP012 – Harvest

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We've pulled up everything from Nu Ray Research Garden and now we reflect on our Harvest. We share our chief lesson from this past Summer.

Jìgìjìgì EP010 – EsoTerracisms: Weeds?

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Our EsoTerracisms series is about showing some hidden aspects of the soil and less talked about agriculture practices. Today we discuss weeds, when they are, and why they aren't, a nuisance.

Jìgìjìgì EP 009 – Agribusiness: Growing Money on Trees II

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Our second installment of our Agribusiness Series focuses on the concept of the Value-Add. Which raw fruits and vegetables can you add value to? Can you turn basil into pesto? Peppers into Hot Sauce? Tune in for more ideas behind this lucrative concept!
JP006 is All about Composting!

Jìgìjìgì EP 006 – Compost

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A small step into the history of composts, why you should, why you shouldn't, how it could work, and how it couldn't. This episode is the real beginning of our philosophical journey :] visit for all the show notes!
JP005 rises like my pepper seedlings!

Jìgìjìgì EP 005 – Philosophical Background

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We lay out our background and foundational positions we occupy as we cultivate the soil. Some of this episode is prepared and some of it is divined. Be sure to visit for all the details :]