Black Opal Basil


50 seeds
Open Pollinated and Grown without synthetic/chemical fertilizers in Washington DC

Affectionately named after is beautiful appearance, the Black Opal Basil will not only delight your eyes, but your tastebuds!

Grown ornamentally this Basil is sure to strike a conversation wherever it stands. Bumblebees love the organization of the flowers late in the season and rotate their rotund rears round’n’round gathering nectar, before they take off for their next adventure.

Grown for consumption, be sure to pinch off the flower stalks as they appear to encourage branching and further leaf growth. This is a very productive plant and with the right care it will season your dishes for the entire summer! What a fantastic smell it has to it. For an additional treat, pinch off some leaves and add them to your water bottles for a refreshing thirst quench!

Basil is one of the easiest plants to grow. Stick your thumb in the soil to about the depth halfway between your thumbnail and thumb-knuckle, and put maybe 2-3 seeds in there. If all three come up, great, you can separate them out or watch them twist amongst one another for all the sun. I believe they work well together. These Basil seeds come from container planters that I’ve talked about in this article.

Enjoy and be sure to send us your pictures!!