Butternut Squash


25 Seeds
Open-pollinated and grown without chemical/synthetic fertilizers in Washington DC.
Insert round edge down into soil no farther than your thumb knuckle. Plants will droop on too-hot  days and when they absolutely need water. Make sure to trellis vertically to save space.

I wasn’t ready.

As soon as that seed popped I knew I got myself into a whole new form of trouble. I loved every single second of it. Those two cotyledons showed me that this was going to be a really, really, really big plant. I’m so glad it was! You will enjoy this climbing butternut squash. The flowers are edible too! I wish I would have known that, this past summer produced a lot of male flowers that I could’ve taken more advantage of. The bumblebess made sure to spend a lot of time in them gathering pollen though. Everyone wins with this Butternut Squash!