Golden Giant Amaranth


50 Seeds
Grain Amaranth grown open-pollinated without synthetic/chemical fertilizers in Washington DC

Cast wide just slightly below the surface. Tuck it in with a light covering of soil.

How do you pronounce stunning? You’ll definitely have trouble saying anything standing under this spectacular edible excellence. I say under because last years grow got up to at least 6’6″!! Just in one summer! That is all credit of course to its C4 photosynthetic cycle.

This grain amaranth is quite productive, making edible leaves and a dazzling head full of (edible) seeds that just keeps producing! It is said that this grain amaranth can make up to 1lb of seed. We’ve definitely gotten close! Plant for a spectacular natural fence or shading. You’ll definitely turn heads with this one!

Let us know if you’ve popped your amaranth seeds or made flour. We’re always looking for new recipes!