Lemon Mint


50 Seeds
Open-pollinated and grown without chemical/synthetic fertilizers in Washington DC
Gently tuck it into the soil, not much covering needed. Water when droopy and it will perk right up!


“Lemon…Mint? uh-huh”
You can tell they’re interested so you probe further,”You know how sprite tastes on a summer day? This tastes like the hot tea version of that”
They get it now.

The defining moment of Summer ’18 was when the children who ride bikes in the alley and asked us about what we were growing? We started a conversation about it when,
“Oh, do you, do you have that one plant that tastes like lemons?!” asked one of the boys

“Just wait a second, I’ll be right back.” You run out front and grab your gallon of Lemon Mint. Back out to the garden and up the stairs to the alley. You take off one leaf, eat it, and give them the decision. They repeat after you and taste a leaf and their eyes jump out of their head,
“We just ate this in class yesterday!!!!!”