Red Dye Amaranth


50 Seeds
Leaf Amaranth (Callaloo) Open Pollinated and grown without chemical/synthetic fertilizers in Washington DC
Cast wide just slightly below the surface. Tuck it in with a light covering of soil.

We originally grew the Red Dye to complement our fabric dyeing initiatives and very quickly it became our new favorite plant to grow. It was a hit with the neighbors too! Everyone who walked through the alley remarked, “Oh, what’s that?” Never before had so many conversations been had with one plant. All we could find about the dyeing was that Hopi Indians had used the immature flowers to bake into their bread, making a very early version of funfetti. Initially this was disappointing, but once we then went outside to look at it again…how could you be mad at your favorite?

A great planting idea would be to plant them in a line, for a natural fencing or a stunning backdrop. We found they work very well and hardly compete with ginger!

Tell us what you, how you, where you, and when you grew your Red Dye Amaranth!