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About Us

Every one of us exhibits artistry, though it may not be in a gallery, concert hall, or on a canvas. It may be in the way we think, the way we cook, our walk, or in our lines of code.

Your Artist is every present and everyday.
As sure as the Sunrise, Your Artist Arrives.

We encourage creative expansion by weaving the present with digital threads of African history. We experiment and refine and repeat and repeat. When it is time to create, our disciplined practices in improvisation result in a smoother jazz that inspires our clients and dances with the imaginations of those they serve.

We accomplish this through the principles of:


We found, and continue to find ourselves in the garden. Our first collection, DigiTex, features the incorporation of natural forms with the static of the universe ‘fed-back’ through our LiteWork Visualizer.

Certain pieces beg the question, was there ever a difference? Was there ever a distinction?

MONSTERA Throw Blanket


Our process is collaboration-oriented. Our collaborators are You, the Universe, African history, our dreams, and some combination of all of the above.

We reflect on these connections, and through LiteWork, project the past on the future, the present on the past, and trace out the new, now overlapping reality.

@saxbehave in an original DigiTex poncho


We’ve known and the world now knows the history of Wax Print.

Through action and acts of creation we respond by patterning a new African ߊߝߋ߯ߝߋߘߍ, or aesthetic.

As we embark on our fantastic, transatlantic voyage we share our vision and the answers to the test with you!

Comparative History, the mdw ntr and

About Olonade

The family name of ߐߟߐ߫ߣߊ߬ߘߋ߫ means The Artist Arrives. Through conceptualizing our name, we welcome you to our family, ensuring that Your Artist Arrives.

By creating these uniquely spiritual patterns alongside our clients
we encourage creative expansion. In studying our own history we consistently find our work as an echo, a reverberation of a larger harmonic ancestral vibration. Now we share it with you, adorning you as you Come Forth By Day.

ߞߊ߮ߓߐ ߐߟߐ߫ߣߊ߬ߘߋ߫
Welcome Olonade

Mason Olonade with the Elephant Tee Shirt