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LiteWork Visualization

Our LiteWork Visualizer is the product of years of research into real-time analog audiovisual feedback mechanisms

LiteWork illuminates the property line of material existence.

Undaunted, we stand beside you, on our tippy toes,
peeking over the fence of immateriality
to see the next field of imagination.

Listening or of Empathy and Echo

In 2019 our collaboration with ESHOVO titled kneejerk | x-it strata was awarded the Jury Award at the 2019 Onion City Film Festival.

Here’s what the Jury of the 29th Onion City Experimental Film + Video Festival had to say:

“Transcending the flattened surface of analog video processing and text-play, knee jerk | x it strata politicizes the word as a visual device, its translation in sonic representation, and, ultimately (most effectively), politicizes abstraction through its movement between legible, symbolic, and poetic imagery.