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From the deep breath of Fífá, we begin to move, and think. How do we keep our patterns, especially after printing and weaving, as dynamic as the work of our clients?

The answer came in the constant movement of Capoeira, the first position, Ginga, the movement from which the dance begins.

Just because it is called a dance, that doesn’t mean Capoeira isn’t a capable and lethal martial science. We accordingly take our clients work as seriously as the lethality of the martial aspect of the dance. Thus, each pattern within the Ginga collection are focused roundhouse kicks and leg sweeps that just miss contact.

The smile that arises on the face of your sparring partner when they realize that you could’ve hit them, but didn’t, that you possess that degree of control, their smile is when Your Artist Arrives.

Soufwest, Baby - GG484

Soufwest, Baby – GG484

Umbrellas – GG718


FedBack – GG001

Hibiscus – GG333