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The ߊߝߋ߯ߝߋߘߍ of DigiTex and LiteWork is imbued with immense energy, movement, and vivid color. We therefore pursue refinement, and concentration in this collection. Focused Boldness.

An analogy to encompass all of our collections is now apropos. DigiTex is the ascent up a mountain. Fífá is the view from the peak. Ginga is the celebration at that peak. Sankofa is the triumphant, returning descent.

From the peak we not only reflect on where we are and where we have been in the landscape, but also in our lives. A coolness breezes away the sweat from our brow, it closes our eyes, and we feel the sun. In that pause we take a deep breath. When we next open our eyes is when Your Artist Arrives.

Ruby Rails - FF901

Ruby Rails – FF901

Adiré - FF002

Adiré – FF002

Sapphire Whirlpools – FF603

African Daisy - FF374

African Daisy – FF374