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From Pharoah’s tombs to raffia palm Kuba cloths, our ancestors provided plenty to study.

The Sankofa collection was developed as a conscious effort to advance the ߊߝߋ߯ߝߋߘߍ that we love to see. As we moved further into our craft, the past began to present itself.

My father traveled throughout West Africa in the 1970s. He sent back works of art that structured our growing childhood imagination. The Gold Ochre pattern heading this collection was made from the portrait of the divine woman.

It may be quite difficult to see how exactly Your Artist Arrives, especially from where we got started, but now that we’re here, isn’t it just wonderful?

Onyx Bracelets - SF502

Onyx Bracelets – SF502

O.P.W. - SF902

O.P.W. – SF902

Opal Links - SF394

Opal Links – SF394

Gold Ochre - SF001

Gold Ochre – SF001