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Developing: African Daisy – FF004

The series “Developing:” covers the development of specific patterns within each of our collections.
If a certain variant catches your eye, don’t be shy, say hey!

Sometimes, or, rather to some, the patterns within the DigiTex collection can seem chaotic. Variants of the Dream State and O.P.W patterns have been known to induce headaches.

This is the power of art! However, despite such powerful, visceral reactions, we don’t want to hurt anyone. Is there a way for us to be able to share our afeefeede without being offensive?

We went out into the woods, and Nature told us “Yes.” However, we still had to find the answer. It arrived as we began focusing on certain elements of our afeefeede and making those the pattern instead of patterning multiple elements. Focused Boldness.

There is a striking, peaceful beauty in the petals of the African Daisy. The smooth flow from a juicy grapefruit to an August sunset is and was captivating.

The intricacies of Nature are astonishing. To us, the gradients in the petals are simply stunning. The flower, however, is only successful when they guide pollinators to the next sip of nectar. Can you imagine, what it must be like to bee led to the Daisy?

The attraction must be mesmerizing, magnetic, even effortless. This flower is so inviting yet so…hypnotic. And deep in that transfixed hypnosis, that flow state, our Artist Arrives and African Daisy – FF004 was born!

What do you see in the African Daisy? What do you see in the pattern? A new S/S line? Book Cover? Drapes? Maybe you have a new idea that we can help you create? Let’s realize what’s in your imagination, Say Hey!