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Developing: Hibiscus

The series “Developing:” covers the development of specific patterns within each of our collections.
If a certain variant catches your eye, don’t be shy, say hey!

After a goodbye celebratory lunch, we were taking group pictures outside of a restaurant on the Chesapeake Bay. In a planter was this newly opened beauty. The most alluring and mysterious aspect of this flower is it’s stigma. The fine hairs almost make it seem fake!

We’re always drawn to the petals themselves. They are so soft, yet not delicate and they just flow and flow.

We are proud to offer our take on a hibiscus. We had to recreate the flowing nature of the petals.

On what surface will you recreate this Hibiscus? Better yet, what surface should be adorned by your favorite flower? Let’s realize what’s in your imagination, Say Hey!

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