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Elaborations on a workshop

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We’ve run it a couple times now, to much success and wanted to share some more details about our workshop Rediscovering your Heritage through your Habits and Hobbies.

Check out some more information within our website here.

It has been a delight to share this workshop with everyone and I look forward to offering it many many many more times!

This workshop is designed for those who want to be able to see themselves in their heritage. Allow us to elaborate on this short statement:

DNA results help us find ourselves, but they don’t help us see ourselves in ancient, historical, or contemporary practices of Africa. This workshop will enable the attendees to uncover, recover, and discover information about their heritage through targeted searches on their habits and hobbies.

Sometimes we can get an answer to a question that we asked and still be left unsatisfied. Somewhere we have realized, we didn’t actually ask the question that needed to be answered. In that way, finding yourself through these genetic testing solutions is fantastic, but if you want to see you the tests will fall short. Unfortunately, the questions we ask, “where I do fit in to my heritage? How am I a part of a continuum throughout history? How do I have these interests and talents?” cannot be answered through genetic testing services.

So how can it be answered? Through research and intuition. That is, after all, how The Pattern House of Olonade was born. We have identified a framework that helped us create this business and also the podcast Jìgìjìgì: Africulture Podcast. Since the creation of these two entities, we have applied this framework to answer the questions that position themselves along the path to our ߒߑߞߙߊߓߋߊ , or destiny.

After having repeated this process many times in the production of patterns and podcast episodes, and after listening to many conversations with people struggle with this problem of wanting to know something deeper about their heritage and themselves, we formalized our framework into a two question process. We present this process, and our history with the process, and the resources you can take utilize throughout our iterations in this process, for free, on the first Monday of every month!

Check out the eventbrite page here.

See you there!