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Sankofa, or, What’s with that logo?

You might’ve asked, what is that logo? Let’s start answering that question with the title of article, and of one of our collections.

Se so werefina wosankofa yenkyi

It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten

Akan Ewe (proverb)

This ewe (proverb) from Ghana is one of the central proverbs that undergirds the foundation of ߐߟߐ߫ߣߊ߬ߘߋ߫. As we continue to learn about our history and especially the history of patterns, textiles, and artwork, we continue to find ourselves. Some things have surprised us.

the Sankofa ewe written in N’Ko with the associated Adinkra

As we learned more about Traditional African Spiritual Systems we learned about the N’Ko script. Our name in this script is our logo, you can learn how to read N’Ko in the book we wrote below.

N’Ko found us right on time. We quickly taught ourselves so that we could teach others (you!) how to write in an African script, and express their thoughts in a more ancestral way, in the fantastic, transatlantic way.

The first edition of EboN’ko is available for free in our shop. An expanded workbook 2nd edition is in development. We know that your artist may arrive sooner, so get in touch with us, Let’s realize your imagination!

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