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Reflections on the Andrews Family Pattern

The world is such an interesting place. A couple of days after posting the Reflections on the Settles Family Pattern, Brandon found and posted it alongside his patterned garments into one of his group chats. As the story goes, a short while after pressing send Malcolm Andrews responds, “Wait, you know Mason?” Brandon scrolled through his messages to see if he had ever mentioned my name, but he hadn’t. What a mystery! A delightful commotion ensued and revealed that I met Malcolm through my fiancée, Brandon and Malcolm previously worked together, and I grew up with Brandon. Small world!

The Settles Family have further developed the depth of their Family Pattern by ordering T-shirts, hair protection, and even a customized concept jersey with Adinkra symbols and the Settles name written in N’Ko. Malcolm identified with all of this in Brandon’s message, and we set up a time to begin the Family Pattern Project for Malcolm and Mari Andrews.

Settles Family Shirt and Concept Jersey

They felt that The Family Pattern Project would enable them, in a visual and conceptual way, to transfer they love that they have-for one another, for their children, for their family-to their children and to their children’s children. Mari added that not only would they be able to do that, but their Family Pattern would also be a blueprint for how to love, how to have strength in and as a family, and why it is important. Their Family Pattern would also allow for the knowing of them, as a couple, as their descendants carry on the legacy and name of Andrews.

The Harmonize step of the project was filed with deep revelations for the Andrews Family. When our initial conversation ended, Malcolm talked about how great and light he felt, and Mari asked if we could do this every week!

The Andrews gave me a very different creative opportunity than I was used to. They had many, and even contrasting colors that would need to be in their design. When I searched for moments to create their LiteWork, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I realized that those moments I was looking for weren’t there.

I expected working with The Andrews would be similar to working with The Settles. Adrienne and Brandon have a venn-diagrammatic identity. However, Malcolm and Mari are very independent. Once I saw them for who and what they are, a set of concentric circles, everything made sense. Malcolm and Mari agreed to “Buck Societal Constructs” with their marriage, and I learned to buck my own constructs with my designs. What a lesson!

To guide myself and The Andrews through designing their Family Pattern, I wrote this:

It has been said that Man is electric and propulsive. Woman is magnetic and impressive. Just as Malcolm and Mari describe themselves as their respective roles within the astronomical phenomenon of Solar Winds, they define themselves as a traditional couple.

However, their traditions revolve around laughter, a deep passionate love for one another and they life they built, and lastly, giving one another the freedom to define the traditions they will keep.

For these reasons, the define moments that their patterns are generated from aren’t traditional; and therefore they are perfectly Andrews.

The combination of deep learning on both sides of the conversation created a beautiful, dazzling pattern. I cannot say it any better than Malcolm:

When my wife Mari and I decided to invest in a family pattern, we had no idea that we’d be embarking on a journey of self discovery together. This pattern was created literally using our voices, our family histories, and our history as a couple.

The process of creating this pattern is an experience we would not trade, and there could not have been a more patient and committed facilitator of this process than Mason. As happy as we are with the finished product, we can’t say enough about how this experience has brought us closer than ever, while also allowing us to uncover a deeply profound understanding of one another.

This is more than just a family flag or crest, this is our story. A story that will be passed on and told for generations of Andrews’ to come. Our endless thanks to Mason and The Pattern House of Olonade for providing such an invaluable experience.

-Malcolm & Mari Andrews

We are so fortunate to have been trusted, and entrusted with designing their family heirlooms. As proud as we are to have made the pattern, we are more proud to have brought a family closer together. We are looking forward to bringing your family closer together through design. Share your ideas with us so that together we can realize what’s in your imagination.