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Reflecting on The Olonade Family Pattern

Eléwà requested that after we moved into our house that we attend something like couples counseling so that we could get our bearings straight now that we are homeowners. I responded, “That’s exactly what The Family Pattern Project is for!”

And we found that new direction. Despite being on the other side of these consultations, I still experienced the grounding, focusing nature of The Family Pattern Project.

I have said to others that it helped us find our North Star, but in reality, with the different principles that created our Family Pattern, we really found our Big Dipper. The stars in our constellation are “Discovery through vulnerability leads us to Clarity”, “An intense desire for creative intimacy”, and “the coolness; we must have patience with everyone’s journey.” The last star can be found through this proverb:

Luckily our clothes created with one of our Family Patterns arrived on the very day of our Kwanzaa party. That was divine! And as we discussed ߎߡߏߖߊ (Umoja) with our friends and family, we felt divine, adorned in our majesty!

Here, Eléwà describes her emotions, thoughts, and future through the process of creating our Family Pattern:

Do you remember finding out clumps of snow are actually highly organized, majestic, crystal-like flakes? That is the feeling you have throughout the process of creating your family pattern. It’s exciting to see the vibration of your voice to turn into patterns on screen. You realize that you’re not just creating a “pretty” image. You are creating a family design with embedded purpose, power, and influence. Thus, it can’t help but to change your day, your mood, your thoughts when you see it.

What does it mean for others to see the purpose and dreams you discussed for your family while creating the pattern over your heart? What does it mean when you slide the pattern over your head when getting dressed? When you touch it with your hands?

All of these questions start to ruminate within you when working with Mason to create this meaningful work with your family. You realize the answers will continue to be forthcoming every time you look at the tapestry in your home, or put on the custom dress you made. 10 years from now the pattern will still be speaking to me and my family, 100 years from now they will be speaking to my descendants. I know I spoke love, courage, intelligence, curiosity, boldness, and the memories of my honored ancestors in our pattern. What will you speak in yours?

Eléwà Olónàdé

Family took a picture of us while Eléwà spoke, you may recognize the fabric on the altar, and in Eléwà’s headwrap as the pattern on our Sankofa collections page