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A Saliva-House

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In our #WisdomWednesdays series we share Yorùbá òwe or proverbs from Prof. Oyekan Owomoyela’s Yoruba Proverbs. Some of the òwe can be read here.

As you know our mission is to encourage creative expansion. One way to choose to do that is through the expression of African thoughts in an African way. We show each òwe in both N’Ko script and in the latin script. Below we offer our interpretation. Share yours with us on instagram or email us!

Today’s proverb:

Learning vs Uncovering Information.

We’ve recently understood this #subtledistinction. We’ve been thinking a lot about how to reach conclusions that have evidentiary basis in reality. A lot of art, in our opinion, is born out of the imagination. We do see a unmet need of expanding the imagination of humanity in general, as it is the imagination that will create the solutions for the problems we face today. We believe that the imagination that will bring us out of this, must be tested, so as to not have a saliva-house.

The majority of our tests come from history and seeing ourselves in the past. It is not enough to uncover information, but we need to deeply learn as many aspects as we can about ourself in the past to discover where we will be led.