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Magic: The Tortoise and the Peanut

In our #WisdomWednesdays series we share Yorùbá òwe or proverbs from Prof. Oyekan Owomoyela’s Yoruba Proverbs. Some of the òwe can be read here.

As you know our mission is to encourage creative expansion. One way to choose to do that is through the expression of African thoughts in an African way. We show each òwe in both N’Ko script and in the latin script. Below we offer our interpretation. Share yours with us on instagram or email us!

Magic of the Tortoise - N'Ko
Magic of the Tortoise - footnote
Magic of the Tortoise

Although we go into it a little within our Deep Thought, we must expand on the thought of considering, better yet, knowing within each person is an Artist. And of course, Artistry, creativity, making something seemingly from nothing, isn’t that magic?

Isn’t what Allen Iverson did magic? What about for the eponymous “Magic” Johnson? For Surya Bonaly?

For many people athletics is a raw display of this Artistry that isn’t held to the canvas, to the theatre stage or concert hall.

At The Pattern House we are deeply fascinated by creative expression. We consider you that Tortoise, what are your peanuts? What for you is the magic, that is natural to you, when Your Artist Arrives?